Mara Machines Price Increase!

Your April 15th deadline is just around the corner… And no, we’re not talking about your taxes! Mara Machines is administering a price increase and we want you to get your machine at our current low price! If you make a deposit … Continue reading

New Gear in the Studio!

We’ve just installed some exciting new gear in the control room! Our console was starting to feel a bit small when it came to larger tracking sessions… Now we’re up to 42 inputs and you can choose between MCI preamps, API preamps … Continue reading

Summit Schedule released!

This years Recording Summit is not one you are going to want to miss!  With an exciting list of panels, panelists, and special guests, the 8th Annual Recording Summit will be one for the books! However, spots have been filling up … Continue reading

Overview Of The Services We Offer At Welcome To 1979

Through the three business housed in our building, we offer a plethora of services here at Welcome To 1979. From basic tracking, both digital and analog, to plating and mastering for vinyl, we’ve got you covered. Welcome To 1979 , Mara Machines … Continue reading

Steven Durr Designs in the ’79 House

  Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  We had Steven Durr Designs in the studio this week, dialing in our new focal SM9s.  Steve is a demigod in the music world and we are very lucky to work … Continue reading

New Gear is Here!

Nashville, TN – Welcome To 1979 Recording Studio– We never stop working on being the best studio for our artists and engineers!  We just added some “new” mics to our gear list:  another RCA 44, another RCA 74jr, another AKG … Continue reading

Look at this Mic!

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  We saw this vintage High Life beer can made into microphone and had to have it.

Oh yes we did

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  Yes, we bought one of these and love it.

New Gear!

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  Just added another pile of gear to the arsenal!  Go to for the complete list!

Neumann KM84’s

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  After saving our pennies for several years, we’re super pumped to tell you that we’ve added a vintage pair of Neumann KM84s to our gear list! And the serial numbers are only … Continue reading