Tape camp pics

Tape Camp Nashville- March 6, 2011 (34 photos)

tracking @ tape camp

Dan Adams, Stephen Bowers, Billy Livsey and Sons of Summer are coming over to cut some songs as part of Tape Camp today. It’s gonna be awesome!

tape camp next weekend

Okay- Tape Camp is next weekend! only TWO spots left, so if you’re interested in attending hit us up! We’ll be doing a live to analog two track recording downtown Saturday night, and Tape Camp folks are more than welcome … Continue reading

Tape Camp Minneapolis

Tape Camp Minneapolis was a smash hit! Thanks to Jason & Rob at The Terrarium Studio. Check out the pics. Now to start planning Tape Camp NYC, who’s in??

Tape camp minneapolis

We’re co-hosting “Tape Camp” in Minneapolis January 2-4 at The Terrarium Recording Studio. It’s already about half way filled up (limited to 10 people) so if you’re interested in attending follow the link and shoot us an email!

Tape Camp North

“Tape Camp North” this weekend at Elevation Studios in Cleveland, OH. Tape Camp Cleveland pics

Tape camp/art crawl

Tape camp is rockin. Come down to the art crawl tonight for some great music @ the downtown church. Sacred Space: Sounds of the Present in a Place from the Past

Booking Spots for Recording Workshop

We are working on booking up the remaining spots for the recording workshop on April 10-12. It looks like Blackbird Audio Rentals will be bringing some toys over for us to play with; and we may even take a tour … Continue reading

Tape Camp Aug 22/23rd

Welcome to 1979 is hosting an analog recording workshop “tape camp!” august 22/23rd. hit us up for details!