Did you know…

Did you know that we are experts at analog tape restoration? We treat every project with the utmost care, from Allen Toussaint to you Grandmother’s keepsakes! Let us help you archive your audio history. We do almost every tape transfer … Continue reading

Did you know…

Getting the analog recording experience often comes with analog price. Here at Welcome to 1979, we understand that tape can be expensive. Did you know that when you track with us the tape is free?! That’s right – when you record … Continue reading

The Importance of Tape Transfers

http://www.laweekly.com/music/master-recordings-from-abbey-road-to-born-to-run-could-be-lost-forever-without-archivists-help-7575450 Check out this awesome article about our friends over at Capital Records and what they do to keep music history alive and well! We do our part as well here at Welcome to 1979. Transferring and archiving original sessions … Continue reading

News this Week at Welcome to 1979

In the studio this week we’ve got Aaron DaCorte tracking a new album with engineer Cameron Henry. DaCorte is the guitarist and vocalist for the band Iron Horse with his twin brother. Chris Mara is mixing a new EP for the … Continue reading

Overview Of The Services We Offer At Welcome To 1979

Through the three business housed in our building, we offer a plethora of services here at Welcome To 1979. From basic tracking, both digital and analog, to plating and mastering for vinyl, we’ve got you covered. Welcome To 1979 , Mara Machines … Continue reading

78 Lacquer!

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  Got this really cool 78 lacquer to transfer to digital today. All the way from the 1940s!

Saving History…

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  Doing tons of transfers today! Saving history one note at a time. ( yep, that was totally cheesy)

16 Reels

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  transferring 16 reels of 2″ 24 track to Pro Tools, 24 bit/96k all the way.

Transfers, Transfers, Transfers!

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  1″ 8 track transfers, 2″ 24 track transfers and also several projects in the lathe room as well as mastering a 7″ in our mastering department. whew!

Transfer Day!

today we’re transferring two songs; each span across 4 DA-88s **and** four ADATS. what are we thinking????