Listen to our own Cameron Henry discuss vinyl mastering!

Recording Studio Rockstars included our own talented Cameron Henry on their latest podcast episode. Cameron discusses the process of vinyl mastering, operating his Neumann VMS70 cutting lathe, and the basics of mixing and mastering for vinyl, including some tips and tricks!


“In the room I have a Neumann VMS70 cutting lathe which is a giant spaceship looking machine which cuts a lacquer and that’s the first record. The process of making a vinyl record starts with a machine like mine. The music is pumped into the amplifiers of the machine it vibrates the cutting stylus on the cutter head and it just literally, in real time, cuts the groove onto a lacquer.”

“Dynamic music fits on a record better. The physicality of how a record works is youcamatlathe
have a disc and there’s a spiral going around and around. The more that groove deviates and moves around then the more space of each groove is required so you can only fit so much time. So, the louder the music is the more space the groove is going to use up. The quieter it is, the less space. When you have dynamic music, in the quieter moments you can cram the grooves together. So over time with the less compressed master you have an overall higher volume output.”

“Record things. Everybody’s bad at one point. Best way to get good at recording is to record things.”

Listen to the podcast and read the full write-up at Recording Studio Rockstars!

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