News this Week at Welcome to 1979

In the studio this week we’ve got Aaron DaCorte tracking a new album with engineer Cameron Henry. DaCorte is the guitarist and vocalist for the band Iron Horse with his twin brother.

Chris Mara is mixing a new EP for the band The Triplets who are based out of Kentucky. Let’s just say Christmas is coming a little early at Welcome to 1979!

We recently had the honor of doing tape transfers of some Allen Toussaint records!

The Recording Summit for 2016 has officially been sold out! If you missed the opportunity to sign up, make sure to sign up early next year! You can also keep an eye out for next years’ Tape Camps and Vinyl Camps and sign up for those early as well!

If you are signed up for the Recording Summit, we still have some spots open for our Lacquer Cutting and Electroplating Demos! These events are for those who have pre-registered only! Sign up here!

Don’t forget to come by for the Welcome to 1979 Halloween Party Friday, October 28, 2016! It will be a party you do not want to miss!


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Welcome To 1979 is a retro, analog centric (but digital capable) recording studio in Nashville, TN that strives to cater to the independent & budget minded artists, producers and engineers. Featuring fully-restored analog tape machines, console, outboard equipment and microphones we ensure that “vintage” doesn’t mean “old and broken”. Along with tons of vintage gear, Welcome To 1979 also features tons of space: Over 7,000 square feet of unique recording and recreational spaces to help inspire your creativity, with or without the use of a computer! Fingers on Strings, Hands on Faders, Music on Tape. Welcome To 1979! View all posts by welcometo1979 →

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