One Week Until The Recording Summit

We are counting down the days to our 8th Annual Recording Summit here at Welcome to 1979! We hope those who are attending this year are as excited as we are! Here is an update and some last minute info before next week rolls around:

First off, thank you to those who registered for this year’s producer/engineer summit! We know that you all will have a great time and learn a lot in the process!

Want to check out the full schedule for the weekend? Find it here.

The tours taking place Friday afternoon will be on your own (not a studio group activity) and prior to official registration – and they are half price ($12.50)! If you are interested in one of these tours, just show up at the Musician’s Hall of Fame and let them know you are with the 1979 Recording Summit! Registration begins Friday at 7 pm! Please  do not arrive any earlier as we will be busy all day preparing for the weekend! If you are looking for something to do, check out these local restaurants to grab dinner and drink before heading over to the studio! The Centennial and House. You must complete registration before heading upstairs to the kick-off party. We have a surprise guest artist coming in for the direct-to-disc party Friday night and trust us, you are not going to want to miss it! Make sure to hit up early registration because our front door will LOCK at 8:30pm and the needle will drop! Any guests arriving after 8:30 pm will be escorted in through the back of the building. The party is BYOB and finger food will be provided by our generous sponsor, Telefunken. All events, including parties, are for registered attendees only. If a friend or spouse would like to attend the parties with you, guest passes are available for $50. Email to reserve one! For those who missed it Friday night, registration will begin Saturday at 8:30am. If you plan on participating in Put Your Mix to the Test on Saturday morning, you can bring your music in on a CD, thumb drive, or on your phone. An on-site hotdog stand will be available for lunch on Saturday and Sunday! Get 2 hot dogs, a bag of chips, and a drink for $5! (no a la carte) CASH ONLY and all proceeds will be donated to the local food bank and the Malala Fund!

**Both parties are BYOB
**Breakfast and coffee are provided each morning (thanks to Millikin University and Wave Distribution)
**Lunch and dinner are on your own – on site hot dog stand (lunch only)
**Please bring any drinks you want throughout the day
**Green Room available to panelists only

Questions or concerns? Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 844-679-1979.

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Welcome To 1979 is a retro, analog centric (but digital capable) recording studio in Nashville, TN that strives to cater to the independent & budget minded artists, producers and engineers. Featuring fully-restored analog tape machines, console, outboard equipment and microphones we ensure that “vintage” doesn’t mean “old and broken”. Along with tons of vintage gear, Welcome To 1979 also features tons of space: Over 7,000 square feet of unique recording and recreational spaces to help inspire your creativity, with or without the use of a computer! Fingers on Strings, Hands on Faders, Music on Tape. Welcome To 1979! View all posts by welcometo1979 →

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  2. Holly shit, is that the worst bit of creative PR ever? I hope that person never finds a partner and saves our industry from a fate worse than the credit crunch.

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