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Did you know that we offer digital mastering?? Our goal is to offer mastering for artists that is second to none in terms of quality, thoughtfulness, and of course, affordability. We take care of all the technical details, so you can stay focused on all the other important things you need to be doing as your project nears completion. Our rates are super simple. Only $75/song! Add an additional format for only $20/song! Read more about our mastering services here. Ready to get started? Cool! Send us your files with our Hightail link, or mail us a CD/DVD.

Shoot us an email at booking@welcometo1979.com or give us a call at
844-679-1979 ext. 104!

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This week at Welcome to 1979

In the studio today, engineer Chris Mara is mixing an EP for Minnesota-based artist Lena Elizabeth. Lena has been at Welcome to 1979 the last few days tracking this EP and it is sounding killer! Her style effortlessly blends genres like folk, soul, and blues and her voice is out of this world. We’re so glad Lena and her band made the trip down to Nashville to track with us! Be on the look out for this EP release!


In other studio news…

Tape Camp is just around the corner! If you have not yet signed up for our upcoming Tape Camp, there is still time! But spots are filling up quickly – so reserve yours now! Tape camp is a great opportunity to learn more about analog recording or Mara Machines. It’s open to audio enthusiasts of all ages – it doesn’t matter if you’ve been recording for 40 years or if you’re just starting out! There is something for everyone at Tape Camp and it offers a great opportunity to meet other analog lovers and network. Tape Camp only comes twice a year and is limited to 10 attendees! You don’t want to miss it!

Did you know…

Did you know that we are experts at analog tape restoration? We treat every project with the utmost care, from Allen Toussaint to you Grandmother’s keepsakes! Let us help you archive your audio history. We do almost every tape transfer format. We’ll even bake your tapes if necessary to restore original quality! Our rates are $25/song for stereo and $50/song for multitrack. Contact us about a tape transfer today!

Email us at booking@welcometo1979.com or give us a call at 844-679-1979 ext. 104.


Studio news for the new year!

Last week in the studio we had Nashville native Kristina Murray tracking with us!kristina-murray

Kristina is a Country/Americana artist with southern roots. We love getting to track with local artists! Check out her Facebook Page for info on her local shows!

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we’ve had some changes up our sleeve at Welcome to 1979. Construction is about to start on our brand new office spaces and new Mara Machines tech shop! What happened to our old offices?? We converted the space into a large artists lounge!


Anyone involved on the day’s session will use the front door, while all other guests will use our new side entrance! This makes the 7,500 square feet of studio space ultra private for the band and company. Want to check out our new spaces? Come on in for a tour! Email booking@welcometo1979.com or give us a call at 844-679-1979 ext. 104 to book a studio tour today!

Did you know…

Getting the analog recording experience often comes with analog price. Here at Welcome to 1979, we understand that tape can be expensive. Did you know that when you track with us the tape is free?! That’s right – when you record at Welcome to 1979, our tape is free for you to use!

Our tape is gently used, but if you’d like to buy and keep your reels, we’ll order some new ones for you! And a digital transfer is included in the daily rate! It’s the best of both worlds!

If you are interested in booking time with us or learning more about our rates, shoot us an email at booking@welcometo1979.com or give our studio manager, Lindsay, a call at 844-679-1979 ext. 104.


This Week at 1979 – Tracking and Construction!

We’ve got a 10 day session in the studio this week! We’re tracking a new album with North Carolina native Boo Ray. Noah Shain is engineering the session. We’re excited to have them both in the studio!

Although Boo Ray hails from the mountains of Western North Carolina, he now spends his days in equal parts between Nashville, TN, Los Angeles, CA, and Athens, GA. His smooth southern sounds have been filling the studio all week and we don’t mind a bit!


In other studio news, we are changing up our floor plan! Our downstairs offices have been converted into a comfortable and friendly artist lounge! Whether taking a break from recording or meeting pre-session to pass out charts and jam, the new lounge is the perfect spot!

Now you might be wondering… Where are our offices?! Well, construction pictures will be coming soon! Or you’ll just have to come in and see for yourself ;-) At Welcome to 1979, we are always trying to make the studio a better place for our clients, employees, and friends. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the studio, come on in for a tour! For info, email booking@welcometo1979.com or give us a call at 844-679-1979.

The Importance of Tape Transfers


Check out this awesome article about our friends over at Capital Records and what they do to keep music history alive and well! We do our part as well here at Welcome to 1979. Transferring and archiving original sessions from the 1940s on is an important part of preserving beautiful works of music history. Tape was the main form of recording in the mid-1900s, and is still used today for an analog quality that isn’t quite tangible in modern digital recording. However, in comparison to digital recording, analog recording requires proper care to be taken with the original masters. If they are not stored correctly, the tapes can absorb moisture requiring some work to be put in to restore them to their original quality. Tapes often need to be baked at 120 degrees for 6 hours in a convection oven in order to dry out the moisture and remove the gummy residue from sticky shed syndrome.

We recently did tape transfers of some Allen Toussiant records. Transferring tape is a way to ensure the proper preservation of original masters like those of Allen Toussaint. There are quite a few studios and other businesses that offer tape transferring services! If you or someone you know has tape recovered from original sessions that you are looking to transfer to other formats, contact us at Welcome to 1979! Give us a call at 844-679-1979 or shoot us an email at booking@welcometo1979.com

Happy Thanksgiving from Welcome to 1979!


We at Welcome to 1979 want to wish you all a happy and warm Thanksgiving! Safe travels to those who are headed out for the Holidays. We will be enjoying Turkey Day in good ol’ Nashville with friends and loved ones. After the holidays, it’s back to work for us! The line up is pretty thick for the rest of 2016. We are looking forward to the upcoming sessions in the next few weeks and are putting in a lot of work on tape machine restoration. A reminder that if you put your deposit down on a Mara Machine before the end of this year, you will lock in your machine at it’s current price before our 2017 price increase! If you have been thinking about a Mara Machine, now is the time! Prices will not be this low again, so take the plunge! Find more info here and check out our Square store here.

Looking to release a new record in 2017? Get started now! Book the studio for early 2017 to get a head start on your new release. Check out our rates here or email booking@welcometo1979.com for more information.

Speaking of friends and loved ones, a huge congratulations to our very own mastering engineer, Cameron Henry, on becoming a father yesterday! We are thankful for Cameron and his healthy baby girl!

Stay tuned for more studio news from Welcome to 1979!

Big News at Welcome to 1979!

We just received huge news today at Welcome to 1979! We are officially a Grammy award winning studio! Last night at the Latin Grammy Award show, the late Juan Gabriel won two Grammys: album of the year and best vocal pop traditional album for “Los Duo 2″. Some of this album was tracked right here at Welcome to 1979 by engineer Dan Moore and our very own Justin Burba assisting the session! We are ecstatic to be a part of this great honor and to have had the opportunity to work on an album for the late and great Juan Gabriel.

Other 1979 news!

Last week in the studio we laid down some background vocals and did some mixing for the new Brian Pounds record! It is sounding awesome! Keep an eye out for this record!

Frank Foster recently released his newest album, Good Country Music – recorded here at Welcome to 1979! Our Studio Manager, Lindsay, got to check out one of his latest shows! Be sure to pick up this album!

This week we are in the studio tracking a new record with Liz Cooper & The Stampede! Liz Cooper, Ky Baker, and Grant Prettyman make up this psychedelic folk/rock band with influences ranging from 60’s-70’s sounds like The Grateful Dead and The Band, to the more modern Fleet Foxes. Their awesome sound and Liz’s killer voice make them a band you definitely want to keep on your radar!

Stay tuned for more studio news.


Recording Summit Highlights and plans for 2017!

A big thank you to all who made it to our 8th Annual Recording Summit- attendees and panelists alike! Overall, we hope that the Summit was a blast for you and that you learned something new! For those who missed Friday night’s direct-to-disc recording session, we had the pleasure of tracking a record with Jason Isbell! It turned out great! Congrats to the few who had the opportunity to purchase this unique record! We are proud to say our hotdog stand fundraiser will be benefiting both the Malala Fund and the local food pantry with $75 each!



If you enjoyed this year’s Summit, or if you missed this year’s Summit, we’ve got good news for you! Registration for next year’s Summit is already open! It is scheduled for November 10-12, 2017. Reserve your spot now to be sure you won’t miss out on this exciting and fun-filled weekend! Sign up here, or contact us with any questions!

Are you looking to learn more about analog recording?? Next up on our Welcome to 1979 to-do list is 2017’s first Tape Camp! Tape Camp is a weekend of ultra hands on analog recording and networking for recording enthusiasts of all ages. Tape Camp is scheduled for February 18-20, 2017. Learn more about Tape Camp here, and sign up for Tape Camp here. Spots are extremely limited, so to reserve yours register as soon as possible!

Again, thank you to all of the attendees and panelists at this year’s Recording Summit for making this Summit such a special one. We hope to see all of you again next year along with more new faces!