Recording Summit 2016 filling up quickly!

As summer slowly fades, we are getting closer and closer to our favorite time of the year here at Welcome to 1979… our Annual Recording Summit! Summit planning is in full force at 1979 and we are hyped about the panels and demonstrations that we will be offering this year. New to this summit will be a tour and demonstration of our new vinyl electroplating facility! Our Friday night kick-off party will feature a direct to disc recording session and we will be pressing the vinyl records the very next day. Saturday night’s listening party will be Prince’s “Purple Rain” along with an exclusive interview with engineer Susan Rogers. There is much more to come as we have panels, panelists, and special guests that we have yet to announce!

As an early registration incentive we are offering a free Welcome to 1979 t-shirt and mug (while supplies last) to those who sign up for the Recording Summit between August 17-31! As always, the summit is limited to 60 spots and many have already signed up. Be sure to register today to secure your spot!!tshirt&mug

Recording Summit 2016 will be November 11, 12, & 13. A full weekend pass is $200. A student weekend pass is $150. A Friday/Saturday night party guest pass is $50. A guest pass can only be purchased with a weekend pass. For more information about last years summit or to register for this years summit, click here.

Frank Foster returns to Welcome to 1979

After recording his fifth album, Boots on the Ground, at Welcome to 1979, country music trailblazer Frank Foster has returned to record his sixth! Boots on the Ground debuted in January 2016 at number 7 on the Billboard Country Charts. He will be recording his sixth album here in full over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Originally from Louisiana, singer-songwriter Frank Foster kicked off his musical career with the release of his first album in early 2011. Since then he’s released 4 subsequent albums and has gained a loyal fan following. Frank acts as his own label, manager, agent, and publisher and has found undeniable success in his own niche of the country music market. We are glad to welcome Frank back into the studio!

New Sessions with Exciting Artists

Jonathan Jackson + Enation are here this week to record the follow up to their 2016 EP Blame-shifter. Jonathan may look familiar to you as he plays Avery Barkley on CMT’s Nashville-


He’s a multitalented fellow. Here’s a clip of him with his band Enation-

Frank Foster-

Frank is a country artist, originally hailing from Cypress Bottom, LA. He’ll be recording a new full-length album with us.







The Electroplating Process Is A Great Demonstration Of Science At Work

The process and science behind the electroplating process is really awesome. Here’s a quick walk through of how it starts at Welcome to 1979 and finishes at Welcome to 1979 Industries-

First, we take your recordings (either on tape, digital, or vinyl master) and cut a lacquer (acetate) from the master recording. An acetate is a piece of aluminum coated with a layer of vinyl, into which grooves are cut, like a record. Unlike records, however, acetates are usually one sided, and come in pairs, one for each side of the album. They also often have two center holes; one hole is the standard center hole which acts as the axis for rotation, and the other hole is used by the guiding arm to turn the acetate while the writing stylus cuts the grooves.1382333_10151727039128063_913850062_n

Once the audio is on the lacquer disc it is electroplated to make metal parts for replication. Mastered lacquers are chemically cleaned and sprayed with a silver solution. They are then placed into a nickel bath with high voltage charge. The electric current causes the nickel molecules to be attracted to the silver creating a build up of material. The more time given to this process the more material build up, the thicker the plate, hence different pricing for thickness. Once the desired thickness is reached the lacquer with nickel negative is cleaned and separated.13177948_10153654570828063_8082576814221698286_n

The 2-Step Electroplating Process-

The 2-step electroplating process involves the father being peeled off the acetate and then itself being electroplated again to create the “mother”, which is in effect, the negative of the father plate. Typically, the mother plates are shelved for future use, and the father is used for stamping.13147562_10153654569428063_4436803433131221547_o

The 3-Step Electroplating Process-

The 3-step electroplating process is just like the 2-step process except the mother is kept around to electroplate more stampers. Essentially, 3-step electroplating is simply just another step to make more parts. This is a good idea if you’re planning on making many copies of your vinyl. One father can produce 10 mothers, and one mother can produce 10 stampers. A single stamper can produce about 1000 records. If you do the math, you’ll figure out that the 2-step process will yield about 11,000 records before a new lacquer needs to be cut. The three step process can produce up to about 100,000 vinyl records before you have to cut a new lacquer.13254065_10153698631468063_777679989985997825_n

Direct To Disc Recording Featured at Welcome to 1979

Direct-to-disc recording refers to sound recording methods that bypass the use of magnetic tape recording and record audio directly onto analog disc masters. This was the predominant recording method prior to the invention of magnetic tape.


Welcome To 1979 is one of the few studios in the entire world that can record your performance directly to a vinyl master.   This is a fantastic way to experience recording in a whole new way.  It’s the perfect blend of complete analog recording, affordability and high fidelity.



To learn more about our rates for direct to disc recording, drop us a line here.

Understanding Mastering For Vinyl, Electroplating, and Reference Lacquers

This is a great article, written by our friends at Recording Magazine, focusing on the importance of mastering for vinyl, electroplating, and reference lacquers.…/resourceDetail/114.html

These are also all services we offer here at Welcome to 1979 and Welcome to 1979 Industries-

Lathe Cutting-1382333_10151727039128063_913850062_n

Lacquer (Acetate)-reflacquer

Electroplating to create a stamper-13254065_10153698631468063_777679989985997825_n



New Restaurant Growth In The Neighborhood

As busy as we are here at Welcome to 1979, sometimes we forget to bring lunch or dinner to work with us. We are very happy to report that the dining options in the neighborhood are on the rise.

The recent additions we’ve been enjoying are:

The Centennial Bar and Grill-12243410_427340994131841_4928014820995536902_n

The Centennial offers excellent burgers and wings- we recommend you try the centennial sauce- and craft beers galore! There are even vegetarian options in the cauliflower tacos and grilled cheese.

The Centennial Restaurant-1624_10203918558284091_6754121024062183810_nJust a block west from The Centennial Bar and Grill, The Centennial Restaurant offers classic breakfast and lunch fare from a by-gone time. No muss, no fuss, just delicious every time. If you’re headed over for lunch, try to go a little early as the restaurant has many loyal followers and fills up quickly.

The Old Gas Station-13692534_592400847600578_5439802624793302764_n

Located right in-between The Centennial Restaurant and The Centennial Bar and Grill is The Old Gas Station. The food menu is slightly smaller but just as yummy with Brats, Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, and Chips & Salsa. They also feature a small but fierce beer selection, and dogs are welcome!

Savemore Market-


Savemore recently expanded their lunch counter, and we couldn’t be happier. The selection is great plus they’re now featuring Boar’s Head meats. There are also yummy, quick breakfast options, too.

House-A Social Eatery-


House is located on the corner of 51st and Illinois, in the building that used to house The Stone Fox. Their menu features brunch all day, everyday, a craft cocktail list, and late night menu.

We couldn’t be more excited about the expanding list of food options in the neighborhood and look forward to what will develop by the end of the year.

Fall Recording Summit is Approaching

Each November we host a Recording Summit for recording enthusiasts all over the country to attend.  2016’s Summit is scheduled for November 11, 12th and 13th and is located right at our recording studio in Nashville, TN.


Saturday night’s Listening Party will be Prince’s masterpiece
Purple Rain, featuring an interview of Susan Rogers by Larry Crane. Susan is a professor who has worked as a sound engineer with several artists, including-
Prince, David Byrne, and Violent Femmes.


There will be demonstrations of our new Vinyl Electroplating Facility.



We’ll have our own on-site hotdog stand for lunches, with proceeds going to the local food shelf.


There will be a Direct to Vinyl Master session for the Friday night kick off party. Records will be pressed the following morning and available that afternoon!

Fall Tape Camp is Almost Full!

Welcome to 1979’s Fall Tape Camp is at half occupancy and filling up quickly! 


This Tape Camp takes place September 24th-26th and will focus on these workshops-

SATURDAY will be spent demonstrating the differences and similarities between analog and digital recording.  We set up a vast array of analog reverbs (plates, delays, echo chambers) and discuss how to better use your own recording setups in a more “analog” way.   Towards the end of the day we bring in a talented singer/songwriter to record on tape – this helps us focus on vocal, piano and acoustic guitar recording techniques.


SATURDAY NIGHT will focus solely on vinyl cutting and will take place in our lacquer cutting suite. Hosted by our cutting engineer Cameron Henry, this is an in-depth look into the vinyl world!


SUNDAY we bring in a full band to try all of our new found techniques on- and everyone gets to engineer, assist the engineer, tape op, punch in and really learn how to use our “Mara Machines” to their fullest!  At the end of the weekend you’ll even be able to take the digital files (transferred from tape) home to play with in your own recording setup!


MONDAY will will focus solely on the art and science of tape machine alignment.  The fundamentals of elevated levels, bias and head alignments will be thoroughly explained.  After an alignment is demonstrated to the group, each person will align the machine (with guidance) and then there will be a quiz, complete with prizes!


The last handful of Tape Camps have sold out, so don’t let this hands on learning experience to pass you by!


A Busy Week With Exciting New Artists

It will be a busy week at Welcome to 1979, with focus a on recording singer/songwriters in the key of 70’s Soft Rock, Americana, and Modern Country!

Emerson Wells

Emerson is a transplant from the midwest. His style is that of 70’s mainstays like Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Christine McVie.

13524575_10153778835418063_12197463848150326_n             Emerson listening to playback with our very own Cameron Henry


Tom Mackell

Tom comes to Nashville by way of Philadelphia. His style is americana/singer songwriter/country



Lauren Ashley

A modern country chanteuse, Lauren Ashley hails from Nashville, Tn.