We Bought a New Tape Machine!

Just bought a new 2″ 24 track MCI JH-24. That means a really nifty new tape machine in nerd-ese.

The Basement’s Special Americana New Faces Nite

Will be mixing all day, then we are recording live to analog tape at The Basement’s Special Americana New Faces Nite w/ Nathan Singleton and Sideshow Tragedy, The Youngers, Austin Collins, Charlie Faye, Aaron Beaumont and more. Come on down at 7pm.

The Descent

Tape Machines ready to track New Faces Nite at The Basement

Only 3 more hours left until we descend upon The Basement. Show up early for the Dynamites at 6 p.m. Stick around for New Faces Night.

Dave Cushing

mixing a project for Dave Cushing (New Jersey) today.

Out and About With Tape Machines

Out and About With Tape Machines

We at 1979 do a lot of analog live recordings in unique spaces all over the city. Here are some pics!

Max & The Wild Things’ new EP

We’re tracking Max & The Wild Things’ new EP for the next couple of days. woo hoo!

Harrison Fjord

Welcome to 1979 is mastering Harrison Fjord (Cleveland, OH) today

Orange Willard EP and Art Crawl Downtown

Welcome to 1979┬áis recording an EP for Orange Willard (Dayton, OH) this weekend, as well as recording a live performance as part of the Downtown Art Crawl. It’s gonna rock!

First Saturday Art Crawl feat. Orange Willard, Terry Pride, John Francis and Welcome to 1979

Change is Coming

Welcome to 1979 is in the midst of a large beautification project- if you haven’t been over for a while, stop on in and check out the ch-ch-ch-changes!

In Recovery

recovering from the last several days of recording- Ben Ripani (from Chicago) and Cricket (from Louisville).