Harrison Fjord

Welcome to 1979 is mastering Harrison Fjord (Cleveland, OH) today

Orange Willard EP and Art Crawl Downtown

Welcome to 1979 is recording an EP for Orange Willard (Dayton, OH) this weekend, as well as recording a live performance as part of the Downtown Art Crawl. It’s gonna rock!

First Saturday Art Crawl feat. Orange Willard, Terry Pride, John Francis and Welcome to 1979

Change is Coming

Welcome to 1979 is in the midst of a large beautification project- if you haven’t been over for a while, stop on in and check out the ch-ch-ch-changes!

In Recovery

recovering from the last several days of recording- Ben Ripani (from Chicago) and Cricket (from Louisville).

Tape Camp Aug 22/23rd

Welcome to 1979 is hosting an analog recording workshop “tape camp!” august 22/23rd. hit us up for details!

Old McDonald had a Recording Session in a Barn e-i-e-i-o!

Welcome to 1979 is packing up most of our vintage gear to record a couple of albums in a turn-of-the-century barn! hell yeah!



Fingers on Strings, Hands on Faders, New Faces on Tape

Welcome to 1979 is going to be at The Basement tonight recording New Faces night on analog tape!

Follow us on Twitter!

We would like you to follow us on twitter! today’s tweet was while we were at United Record Pressing watching records being pressed!