More Analog Transfers, And Studio Wiring Additions

We’re doing some analog to digital transfers today, and since we’ve been using our echo chamber so much for drums- we’re adding 12 more mic lines in there. ¬†After this we’ll have a grand total of 82 mic lines throughout … Continue reading

1/2″ 8 Track Analog To Digital Transfers

Today we’re doing some analog to digital transfers; something we do a lot here at Welcome To 1979 – especially since we have every professional analog format made, and some of the prosumer machines as well. ¬†Such as the 1/2″ … Continue reading

Analog Anywhere

Doing “Analog Anywhere” for Mifune (Cleveland, OH). Engineers/Artists FTP us digital mixes to record onto tape, then we FTP them back with the vintage feel of analog- it’s the real thing! Check out our website below Analog Anywhere

EXTREME Analog Transfer!

EXTREME Analog Transfer! We were doing a whole bunch of analog tape transfers yesterday – many from the late ’60s and some of the tapes had gotten glazed (and thus slippery) over time- we had to use two machines to … Continue reading

Tape Restoration and Transfers with a little Vinyl Listening Party on the Side

Had a great time at the AES holiday mixer last night. doing some analog tape restoration and transfers today. one reel is from the mid-sixties, other reels from the ’70s. We’re also gearing up for tomorrow night’s return of our … Continue reading