Channel 5 news interview today

More Orange Willard mixing this week. Channel 5 news stopped by this morning to interview Ernie Winfrey about his 1974 McCartney/Wings sessions since Sir Paul is playing in Nashville tonight. Pretty sweet. Link to more photos.

Channel 5 news segment to air 7/26

Be sure to watch Channel 5 on July 26th. They shot a segment at the studio during the McCartney/Wings party Thursday night that will air on the 26th; the same day Paul McCartney concert here in Nashville. The Channel 5 … Continue reading

Paul McCartney & Wings Transfers

Ernie Winfrey, the recording engineer on the famed Paul McCartney & Wings Nashville Sessions (circa 1974) brought four 2″ 16 track reels over to ’79 for us to transfer. The day was filled with Ernie’s stories of the sessions. Totally … Continue reading