Put Down Your Deposit on a Mara Machine!

April 15 is just around the corner!! Mara Machines is administering a price increase that will go into effect later this month. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Mara Machine, now is the time! Put your deposit down before … Continue reading

Direct to Disk Recording

We’ve been getting a number of inquiries about direct-to-disk recording lately! We were very lucky to have Pete Townshend come visit us last year for a one of a kind direct to disk session. Check out this video of him … Continue reading

Pete Townshend Records Directly to Vinyl Lathe @ ’79

Nashville, Tn – Welcome To 1979 Recording Studio– It was a great pleasure to have Pete Townshend of The Who stop by to look at (and record with) his latest Mara Machine last week! It’s a custom MCI 2″ 8 track … Continue reading

Tracking w/ Pete Townshend at ’79

Nashville, Tn – Welcome To 1979 Recording Studio–  Holy Moly! We had the best time tracking new songs with Pete Townshend for the last few days!!! You may recognize his name from that english rock band, The Who– who were in town … Continue reading

Mara Machines

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  Big news for our sister company Mara Machines!! Check it out! So we got a really nice email from Pete Townshend today! He owns two Mara Machines and just ordered a third. Here’s … Continue reading

Mara Machines overseas!

our sister company Mara Machines just sold these two sinister looking 1″ 8 track Mara Machines to none other than Pete Townshend and they are heading overseas next week!