Fall Recording Summit is Approaching

Each November we host a Recording Summit for recording enthusiasts all over the country to attend.  2016’s Summit is scheduled for November 11, 12th and 13th and is located right at our recording studio in Nashville, TN. Saturday night’s Listening … Continue reading

Fall Tape Camp is Almost Full!

Welcome to 1979’s Fall Tape Camp is at half occupancy and filling up quickly!  This Tape Camp takes place September 24th-26th and will focus on these workshops- SATURDAY will be spent demonstrating the differences and similarities between analog and digital recording.  … Continue reading

A Busy Week With Exciting New Artists

It will be a busy week at Welcome to 1979, with focus a on recording singer/songwriters in the key of 70’s Soft Rock, Americana, and Modern Country! Emerson Wells Emerson is a transplant from the midwest. His style is that of … Continue reading

Diverse Groups Record at Welcome to 1979

The last two weeks have shone a light onto the diverse groups recording at Welcome to 1979. All have employed different sounds, instruments, styles, line-ups, and personnel, but all their needs were met by our team of ace engineers. Everyone left the … Continue reading

Overview Of The Services We Offer At Welcome To 1979

Through the three business housed in our building, we offer a plethora of services here at Welcome To 1979. From basic tracking, both digital and analog, to plating and mastering for vinyl, we’ve got you covered. Welcome To 1979 , Mara Machines … Continue reading

Wax Cylinder Demo at Vinyl Camp

Nashville, TN – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio-  We’ve just added an awesome demonstration to this year’s Vinyl Camp- taking place Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12- at ’79.  Interested in early recording mediums?  Now’s your opportunity to be a part … Continue reading

Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio– We’ll admit it, here at ’79 things can get rather nostalgic.  If you’ve ever visited the studio for a session, a party, our annual Recording Summit, or one of our groovy camps, you … Continue reading

Oliver Ocean Recording @ ’79

We’ve got Oliver Ocean in the studio today laying down some tracks and sounding delicious!   Make sure to check out the Oliver Ocean Facebook page for more on their happenings. & don’t forget, if you’re looking to book some studio time … Continue reading

Tom Tapley

Nashville, TN – Welcome To 1979 Recording Studio– Tom Tapley (Sugarland, Pearl Jam, Mastodon) spent some time at the ’79 studio tracking a new album for The Vegabonds.

cool recording

Nashville, Tn – Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio–  Recording an awesome foursome. One mic , one pre and an La2a. Mmmmm