Understanding Mastering For Vinyl, Electroplating, and Reference Lacquers

This is a great article, written by our friends at Recording Magazine, focusing on the importance of mastering for vinyl, electroplating, and reference lacquers. http://www.recordingmag.com/resourc…/resourceDetail/114.html These are also all services we offer here at Welcome to 1979 and Welcome to … Continue reading

Vinyl Camp Re-Cap!

Vinyl Camp was this past weekend at 1979 and we had a blast! We were joined by 13 campers from all over the country for a weekend of networking, discussions, demonstrations, and FUN! Lead by our own Chris Mara and Cameron … Continue reading

Check us out on the front page of The Tennessean!

Check it out – The Tennessean featured Welcome to 1979 on the front page of the Sunday Business section! ““Record labels want to know why records from the ’70s sound better than today,” Mara said. “Everyone is scratching their heads. Well, in the … Continue reading