Transfers from early 80’s

We are doing analog to digital transfers today. The tapes are from the early 80s, and it turns out the recording engineer on those sessions is a good friend of ours, Ernie Winfrey! Small world!

more analog anywhere

We’re doing some more “Analog Anywhere” projects this week. It’s where we take digital mixes that people send us and put them on tape! This week we’re “analog-izing” for people in Denmark, Sweden & Beijing!! I don’t know why that’s … Continue reading


One cool thing about doing a lot of analog to digital transfers….the song titles are AWESOME!!!

Lost brothers @ ’79

This morning: did a 1″ 8 track transfer of a 1977 Rocky Hill solo album; he was one of the original guys just prior to the official formation of ZZ Top (and older brother of ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill). … Continue reading

tape transfers

Taking a breather from 17 straight days of tracking Brendan Benson to do some 2″ 24 track and 1/2″ 8 track transfers. Tomorrow= a day off! Update: Okay – I lied…no day off today. More tape transfers….one reel of tape … Continue reading

A/D transfers from 1955!

Day two of the cool 1955 analog to digital transfer. Several reels with artists such as Nat King Cole, John Mercer, Bob Crosby, The Sportsman and even some Liberace. The fidelity is out of this world- this stuff sounds like … Continue reading

Analog anywhere victory!

Did an Analog Anywhere project for the biggest artist we’ve ever worked with…but i can’t tell you who it is yet! (hint: it’s a multi, multi platinum artist). The engineer sent both pre-analog and “taped” versions to mastering- and mastering … Continue reading

20/20 Transfers

We are doing some awesome 8 track transfers for a late 70s/early 80s band called 20/20. The cool thing is the transfers we’re doing are from the demos that got them their CBS record deal. How cool is that?

Transfers from 1970

Transfer day today! 1″ 8 track tape from 1970, and 2″ 24 track tapes as well. Had to bake the 1″ tape, but it looks good and ready to be heard again in 2010.