Take a Virtual Tour of the Studio!

We recently had the pleasure of working with 360 Nashville to create a virtual tour of Welcome to 1979! If you follow the page below, you’ll be able to virtually walk through all of our studio space. Starting in the control … Continue reading

Welcome to 1979 provides great atmosphere for music video shoots!

Aside from the great sounds you can get at Welcome to 1979, we offer a great atmosphere, perfect for shooting a vibey, in-studio music video! Why not tackle two tasks at once and shoot your music video here while making your record?! … Continue reading

New Direct-to-Disc Projects at ’79

We’ve had the opportunity to do some more direct-to-disc recording sessions as of late, and they are always a blast! Last week we did a direct-to-disc session with The Tens (The Roaring Tens), a musical collective based out of Los … Continue reading


Check out Megan & Liz ‘s new video! They shot it at ’79 last week and it already has 120k views on YouTube! It looks great! “Here I Go” by Megan & Liz video

“This is ’79” video #8

The eighth installment of our “this IS ’79” video series!

“this is ’79” video #6

This IS ’79 #6 Fun with tape! — with Chris Mara, Cameron Henry and Bridget Guise.

“this is ’79” video #5

This IS ’79 #5 We’re not anti-digital…it’s just a really inexpensive way to have some fun! — with Chris Mara.

“this is ’79” video #4

This IS ’79 #4 – The Shop Yet another example of how we live and breathe analog tape machines! — with Cameron Henry and Chris Mara.

“this is ’79” video #3

This IS ’79 #3 Keepin’ It Clean We live the analog lifestyle 24/7 at “Welcome To 1979″ and this clip proves it. — with Chris Mara and Yolanda Mara.

“This is ’79” video #2

This is the 2nd edition of “This IS ’79” videos. We use tape machines for everything!