Since ’79 isn’t your typical recording studio, you may have some questions that other people have had.  Here’s some of our FAQ:


Q: Do I need to buy tape?


A: Nope!  We have tons of gently used tape that you’re free to use while you record here!


Q: How can I keep working on my project somewhere else if it’s on tape?


A: We’ve got you covered!  Along with using our tape for free, we’ll also transfer your tracks to .wav files so you can continue to work on your project anywhere you’d like.


Q: I see you offer really affordable day rates.  How long is a day?


A: We like to think a “day” is around 12 hours…but you’re free to work as long as you like.  You can get a ton done here in a day; our staff moves quickly from task to task, and we’ll have everything setup before you get here- so you’re not paying for setup time!  


Q: I’ve never worked on tape before…is it hard?


A: Not at all!  A lot of engineers and artists who record here have never recorded on tape before- we have a staff that specializes in tape, so it’ll be super easy and most of all, fun!


Q: Do you have Pro Tools?


A: Believe it or not, the answer is yes.  Although tracking is done primarily to tape, we do have 24 I/O Pro Tools rig with great converters that is ready to rock.  


Q: Do you do vinyl mastering?


A: Yes!  Click HERE for more info. We also do mastering for digital releases. Email us for more info.


Q: How are sessions usually set up at ’79?


A: Well, the studio is rather large (13,000 square feet!) and there are several ways to approach recording here.

Click HERE for cool floor plans to see the layout.


Q: How does your drum room sound?


A: Welcome To 1979 is one of the best sounding studios in Nashville.  Plus, we have not one, but three sonically unique places to record drums.  Don’t take our word for it, Native Instruments used ’79 this year for their new drum sample library called DrumLab and loved it.  For the previous drum library they used Abbey Road, so they know what good is!