“Our group was thoroughly impressed with the kindness and professionalism shown to us by the staff.  We had an amazing session experience that yielded great results.  Yes, we’ll be coming back to record in the near future.” 

– Kim Margerum 


“Spent three days recording our new album to tape.  Experience was wonderful.  Very professional but laid back atmosphere, and great coffee.  We’re incredibly happy with the results and would absolutely go back.  If you want to track on tape, this is the place hands down!”

-Arc & Stones


“It was amazing to record straight to glorious 2 in tape so quickly and smoothly.  They are all educated on analog tape machines and such friendly people.  Another huge plus is the huge tracking room!  The vibe and spirit of the studio brought out the best of us recording.  We were throughly impressed and would highly recommend this studio!!!!”

-Carly Meyers of ROAR


“Welcome To 1979 is a one of a kind gem.  They offer a pure and organic approach to recording that seems to have been forgotten by today’s standards.  Getting the absolute best of the musicians and the best sound quality are the main goals.  Everything I’ve heard come out of this place sounds beautiful.   I have had several lacquers cut by Cameron at this facility.  They pay extremely close attention to detail and really care about the artists’ needs.  Also, they are really great people and easy to work with.”

-Andy Reed


“We highly recommend this studio for ay budget conscious artists out there who want top shelf equipment, an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff in a super laid back atmosphere without breaking the bank.  Thanks to Chris and his hard working team, we were able to come in and track/mix our 5 song EP in one weekend and we couldn’t be happier with the results!”

-Oliver Ocean 


“As an engineer, it was a great experience.  You’ve heard about the gear, the vibe the drive to keep analog alive.  It’s all true.  But what you also get is a staff committed to helping you do your best.  Great mic selection, great keyboard selection, it’s all there.  But the most compelling reason to go is the people.”

-Ben Surratt


“Brilliant amazing experience!  If you’re from the UK like me, you’d be fool to record anywhere else in Nashville.  This place is authentic, charming and professional.  The staff are awesome.”

-Lou Psyche


“Listen folks, Welcome To 1979 is hands down the best studio experience I have ever had.  They care about your recording and will help you make hte best sounding record you can imagine.  Also, check out the direct to disc experience.  Lots of fun.  Highly suggested.”

-Jesse Lawson


“Welcome To 1979 is one of the best studios in Nashville.  The vibe is smooth and easy and the staff offers impeccable service.  You won’t be disappointed!”

-Tony Esterly


“I’ve booked several sessions here.  A lot of good things to say about this studio:

1. It is very large with a lot of rooms to get many different sounds.

2. You can record to all kids of formats (analog/digital/vinyl)

3.As far as analog goes, they actually build, sell & maintain tape machines in house so they really are in tune there.  They have also created ways to bring digital into the analog world.

4.They have a massive amount of vintage organs & pianos. A nice selection of vintage amps & microphones.

5. There’s good entertainment when you need to step away from the music.  lots of good artwork hanging up.

6. They have a knack for picking the perfect local meal to eat each day.

7. The most important quality to me is that the gang running it become instant friends.  They aren’t clocking hours. They really love music.  They get into what you are creating & have wonderful ideas when you need them.  They make you feel like you own the building instead of renting it out which makes you feel like you are at home.

7. Oh, and it sounds great too. “

-Seth, The Rocketships


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