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Fall 2012 Tape Camp

We’re just wrapping up our fall “Tape Camp” here at Welcome To 1979. ?? Today is our heavy-duty tape machine alignment day (totally geeking out); across the weekend we had 8 recording enthusiasts from all over the world (sweden, east coast, west coast, memphis, atlanta) come to Welcome To 1979 to dive into all things analog. ??Saturday we spent the day setting up and listening to all of our analog reverbs, such as our echo chamber, plate, spring and tape delays. ??We also edited some 2″ tape and listened to a bunch of different compressors.

Then we had the very talented??Katie Trotta??come in to play piano and sing. ?? We mic’d up the piano with some vintage mics, along with some new Miktek mics. ?? Check out a song called “Boston”.


She’s great huh?

Sunday we had a band called Kink Ador come in for some full tilt tracking, joined by producer Billy Livsey. ??These guys rock, and the Tape Campers really had a ball getting sounds and punching in on tape! ??Each Tape Camper will get a copy of the analog files (transferred to digital) to play with at their own home studio. Many will end up mixing the songs and exchanging them with other Tape Campers. ??Sweet huh?

We do these Tape Camps every few months, often in other cities such as New York, Minneapolis and Cleveland. ??We’re planning some in 2013 for the west coast as well as Europe! ?? Send us an email to yoli@welcometo1979.com ??if you’d like to learn more about our Tape Camps!