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Mara Machines

Big news for our sister company??Mara Machines??!! Check it out!
So we got a really nice email from Pete Townshend today! He owns two Mara Machines and just ordered a third. Here’s what he had to say:

“Chris Mara has single-handedly revived the reputation of the great Jeep Harned’s American MCI JH series of tape machines. These have survived in large enough numbers to make a business out of their restoration ??? and the Mara rebuilt machines are top quality, great sounding, easy to keep lined up, and smooth running. We have all been pleasantly surprised that the MCI gear they are based on has lasted so well. They were so much better built than anything made today.”

Then he actually called us, and summed it all up by exclaiming:
“These things sound f*cking awesome!!”

So there you have it!