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More Is Better

One this that is most commonly overlooked in the vinyl process is choosing the correct vinyl format for the amount of music you’d like to release.  Unlike digital formats, the different vinyl formats can have a different sound, and can have some limitations.  Basically, the louder you want your music on your record, the more space it’ll take up on the record.

Take a look at the picture below.  These are actual grooves on a record!  The grooves on the left have a lot of bass and are quite loud, the ones on the right aren’t as loud, and take up less room.  It’s like looking at a verse and chorus of a song.  Pretty cool, huh?



 To help you decide which size and speed record to release, 

here’s how we feel about each format: 

  •  7″ 33 – This is  a really affordable, but typically “low fi” format
  • 7″ 45 – Great for singles and can sound great if the songs are short
  • 10″ 33 & 45- A great way to get a louder record for your single or EP
  • 12″ 33- The standard “LP” (Long Playing Record).  They sound great, especially under 18 minutes per side.
  • 12″ 45- The ultimate in vinyl.  The sound will blow you away!
  •  A Double 45 or 33 is a GREAT solution to long sides!! Ask us for more info.


Maximum Recommended Music Lengths

  • 7″ 33 = 6 min/side
  • 7″ 45 = 4 min/side
  • 10″ 33 = 15 min/side
  • 10″ 45 = 10 min/side
  • 12″ 33 =  20 min/side
  • 12″ 45 = 15 min/side

 As you can see, you can get more music on the slower speed records, but this typically impacts the sonic quality of the record. 


These are all the maximum  recommended lengths. For the highest fidelity please consult us on which format is the best for you. We want your  record to sound amazing!! 


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