Vinyl Rates



The High Life

Yep, it’s beer, but it’s the Champagne of beer.  The motto is “Champagne taste on a beer budget” and that’s exactly what our basic vinyl package is.  It’s perfect for artists who want a great job done, but without all the frills.  Your vinyl master will be expertly prepared from the files (or tapes) you send us.

**Only for projects under certain lengths**


12″ & 10″ $400    7″ $250 

(To cut from tape is $25 more)








Fine Red Wine


This is for the artist who’d like to experience more during the vinyl mastering process. We’ll take the files (or tapes) you send us and our Cutting Engineer will maximize your project for vinyl. You will also receive a set of custom Reference Lacquers, and we’ll also quality control your Test Pressings with you by giving them a listen with our highly trained ears to compare them to your original fines in the same room they were cut to ensure your  project is the best it can be. 


12″ & 10″ $600    7″ $375 






Single Malt Whiskey 


This is the ultimate vinyl experience.  The vinyl mastering process can be very creative and approached many different ways.  The Single Malt Whiskey package gives our vinyl mastering engineer the time to review your music and actually take two completely different approaches on your project.  Best of all, you’ll receive a set of reference lacquers for each version so YOU can choose which one best suites how you’d like your record to sound.  This eliminates any second guessing on decisions, and allows you to hear the differences versus having it explained via phone or email.  That’s why it’s the ultimate vinyl experience.


12″ & 10″ $1,200    7″ $650

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