What We Do



We hope you find that The Studio is a great place to track, overdub or mix your project.  Although ‘79 is setup primarily for analog recording, it is also capable of doing digital sessions as well.  We do a lot of recording of basic tracks for artists, producers and engineers from all over the country, they then take the digital files with them to complete their project.  On the flip side, many projects come in for that “analog touch” at mixing, mastering and lacquer cutting. Welcome To 1979 is also available to freelance engineers and we have a staff of house assistant engineers to cater to your every need.


We’re committed to building community among like-minded folks, so if you’re interested in learning more about recording in general, and about recording the analog way, we host Tape Camps every few months or so, both at ’79 and at other analog studios around the country.  To learn more about Tape Camp shoot us an email.


Our biggest community building event is our Annual Recording Summit that takes place the second weekend in November.  Click here for info on last year’s summit, and send us an email if you’d like info on this year’s summit!



We also have made our vintage tape machines available to anyone, anywhere via a service called Analog Anywhere. Simply send us your mixes for that vintage sound everyone is always talking about.  For more information visit the Analog Anywhere website, or email us.

 “Welcome To 1979” has a lot of MCI tape machines, and we have painstakingly restored each and every one of them.  In fact, we’ve restored so many machines that we have a separate company called Mara Machines that is dedicated to restoring & aligning analog tape machines.

 If you’re interested in getting a tape machine of your own check out the Mara Machines website, or email us.

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