Analog to Digital Transfers



We pride ourselves in helping preserve music history, whether it be a major label archiving project, an obscure band from your youth or a family heirloom.   We are experts at evaluating, restoring and transferring tapes from all eras.  Thanks to our sister company, Mara Machines, the tape machines we use are restored and well maintained, so your transfers sound as close to the day they were recorded as possible. 


Along with using pristine tape machines for the transfers, we also have high quality analog to digital converters and offer sample rates from 44.1Khz to 192Khz.


Rates:  Multi-track $50/song   Stereo two track $25/song

              Includes evaluation and baking (if needed)

              *Bulk pricing available on larger projects



            1/4″  Mono

            1/4″  Two Track

            Vinyl (33, 45 & 75 rpm)



            1/2″  Two Track

            1″  Two Track

            1/2″  Four Track

            1/2″  8 Track

            1″  8  Track

            1″  16  Track

            2″  16  Track

            2″  24  Track


Questions? Send us an email to learn more!