Recording & Mixing


 Our main focus here at Welcome To 1979 is to offer one of the most unique and spacious recording studios in the country.   With about 7,000 square feet dedicated to one project at a time, it truly is a place to escape and dig into your music while having a lot of fun!


We have three unique drum rooms to choose from, seven isolation booths, and several other rooms suitable for recording – it’s no wonder there are over 100 places to plug  in microphones throughout the space!


With our stunning equipment list and sublime decor, Welcome To 1979 is a perfect blend between artist’s comfort and engineer’s bliss. 


We focus on analog recording, and are also fully capable for digital sessions too, via our 24 I/O PT|HD rig. 


Check out the photos page to see more of the space and a 3D video tour link HERE




Email us for more info, or to take a tour of our space for yourself.