Tape Camp



Our next Tape Camp is March 10-12, 2018!


We’re committed to building community among like-minded folks! If you’re interested in learning more about recording in general, or about recording the analog way, we host Tape Camps twice a year at Welcome To 1979.


What is Tape Camp?  

Tape Camp is a weekend of ultra hands on analog recording and networking for recording enthusiasts of all ages.  The two day workshop (Sat & Sun) is limited to 10 people, and the third day, which focuses exclusively on tape machine alignment is limited to five people. We keep the attendance numbers small to provide a truly unique experience, and our discussions/techniques can be tailor made depending upon what YOU want to learn.  

SATURDAY will be spent demonstrating the differences and similarities between analog and digital recording.  We set up a vast array of analog reverbs (plates, delays, echo chambers) and discuss how to better use your own recording setups in a more “analog” way.   Towards the end of the day we bring in a talented singer/songwriter to record on tape – this helps us focus on vocal, piano and acoustic guitar recording techniques.


SATURDAY NIGHT will focus solely on vinyl cutting and will take place in our lacquer cutting suite. Hosted by our cutting engineer Cameron Henry, this is an in-depth look into the vinyl world!


SUNDAY we bring in a full band to try all of our new found techniques on- and everyone gets to engineer, assist the engineer, tape op, punch in and really learn how to use our “Mara Machines” to their fullest!  At the end of the weekend you’ll even be able to take the digital files (transferred from tape) home to play with in your own recording setup!


MONDAY will will focus solely on the art and science of tape machine alignment.  The fundamentals of elevated levels, bias and head alignments will be thoroughly explained.  After an alignment is demonstrated to the group, each person will align the machine (with guidance) and then there will be a quiz, complete with prizes!



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Our Spring Tape Camp is scheduled for 

March 10-12 and is limited to 10 people.  

Our Tape Camps always sell out, so sign up soon!




Our biggest community building event is our Annual Recording Summit that takes place the second weekend in November.