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We’re committed to sharing our knowledge about vinyl to others interested in learning more about it.  Each spring we open our doors so 10 people can come to learn more about vinyl mastering, electroplating, and recording directly to a vinyl master- called “Direct To Disc”.   No one else offers this!

SATURDAY will be spent demonstrating the differences and similarities between standard recording approaches and how to approach a direct to disc session.  A lot of time will also be spent in the vinyl mastering suite learning about disc cutting in general, and how we approach direct to disc sessions from that aspect.  We will also take a full tour of our electroplating facility and walk you through that mysterious process.


SUNDAY we bring in a full band to try all of our new found techniques on while recording an album that will be released on vinyl!  This is no ordinary workshop – what we do ends up being released.


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Our next Vinyl Camp is May 6th & 7th 2017 at Welcome To 1979.  

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Our biggest community building event is our Annual Recording Summit that takes place the second weekend in November.  

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