It’s a recording studio!

Welcome To 1979 is a retro, analog centric (but digital capable) recording studio in Nashville, TN that strives to cater to the independent & budget minded artists, producers and engineers.  Featuring fully restored analog tape machines, console, outboard equipment and microphones we ensure that “vintage” doesn’t mean “old and broken”.    Along with tons of vintage gear, Welcome To 1979 also features tons of space: Over 7,000 square feet of unique recording and recreational spaces to help inspire your creativity, with or without the use of a computer!


Fingers on Strings, Hands on Faders, Music on Tape.  Welcome To 1979!


Please peruse the website to learn more about the recording time capsule that is “Welcome To 1979”. Feel free to email  us with any questions, or call us at 844-679-1979.



This week at 79…


Nelled Dryden is tracking her new EP, Curtis Marsh is mixing his new album, Wyatt Wooding is tracking a new EP and Wild Kites are tracking too!


Check out this amazing 360 degree studio tour HERE.


We’ve launched a sweet rewards program called “Frequency”.  Book studio time, earn studio time!  Watch the video for more info HERE








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