Utilize our analog expertise to bring your mixes to life! We have our process down to a science so we can accurately monitor pre-tape, post-tape, and the final product post-converters to ensure that the right amount of tape saturation is taking place!


  • Console: MCI JH 428
  • Tape Machine: Mara JH110
  • Tape: ATR
  • Alignment: +5/250 nW/m
  • Speed: 15 or 30 IPS
  • Converters: Lynx Aurora
  • Sample Rate: Up to 192k
  • Formats: .aiff, .wav


  • Single: $40
  • Multiple Songs $25/song


  1. Email us!
  2. Send us your files
  3. Files are imported to ProTools, run through the console, then to tape, and back to ProTools
  4. The "taped" versions are sent back to you via a secure downloadable link
  5. Listen to your mixes. Mind = blown

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We're home to the world's largest tape machine restoration company, Mara Machines. We fully restore and modify Sony MCI JH24 and JH110 series tape machines and ship them to clients all over the world! They are available in a variety of sizes and formats, from 1/4" 2-track to 2" 24-track and anywhere in between! Each machine comes with a 6-month warranty and a lifetime of tech support.

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