Established in 2008 by husband and wife team Chris and Yoli Mara, Welcome to 1979 has grown to become a multi-faceted recording studio integral to the Nashville community. The 13,000 square foot facility is housed in a former record pressing plant; the music history hits you as soon as you step foot in the door. 

We’ve spent the last 15 years cultivating a comfortable and creative atmosphere for artists to make music – and our gear list and clients reflect that!

Welcome to 1979 is a time capsule of vintage vibe and gear unlike any other studio in the world. We're able to do entirely analog tracking and mixing, and of course offer a ProTools HD rig with all the modern bells and whistles you may need.

We offer both digital and vinyl mastering services in-house. We are one of the only studios in the world that can offer an entirely analog release - from tracking and mixing all the way to lacquer cutting!

Thanks to our sister company Mara Machines, we have a number of tape machines that we can utilize for archival purposes, analog to digital transfers, and our analog anywhere service!

We’re committed to building community and educating others on the recording process. That's why we offer a Tape Camp twice a year for analog enthusiasts, and an annual Recording Summit every November.




"This studio has a vibe like no other! Chris Mara and his staff have a true passion for recording. I felt comfortable while recording and absolutely loved the finished product. I'd recommend recording at Welcome To 1979 to anyone."
- Kyle Megna, Kyle Megna and the Monsoons
"Professional recording studio that still uses analog tape and equipment! Cool vibe! Variety of vintage instruments. Knowledgeable and friendly staff."
- Randy Gardner
"1979 is a wonderland of analogous glory! The studio has a warm inviting feel and the folks that work their are kind and unpretentious despite their awesome skills. Amazing place, can't wait to come back!!"
- Wyatt Wooding, artist

"As an engineer, it was a great experience. You've heard about the gear, the vibe, the drive to keep analog alive. It's all true. But what you also get is a staff committed to helping you do your best. Great mic selection, great keyboard selection, it's all there. But, the most compelling reason to go is the people. As we say in Nashville, 'they're good people.'"

- Ben Surratt, Engineer

"TABAH loves 1979. Chris Mara and company continue to offer some of the best experience and experiences you can find in the business. It's incredibly clean, always runs smoothly, and the employees are just as into the music as you are. Will always continue to come back, we love you guys, keep up the awesome work!!!"

- Murphy Janssen, Tabah

"If there was a "10" star rating, I'd give Welcome to 1979 an "11". Fantastic attitudes and top quality craftsmanship all around. From recording, master cutting to electroform plating for vinyl, these folks do it all, and do it all VERY WELL."

- Dustin Blocker, Hand Drawn Records

"I love working here! Great vibe, great gear and most importantly, great people."

- Tim Craven, Engineer


"Greatest studio in the world! The best gear, vibes, people. Highly recommend."

- Whit Murray, Maradeen

"Welcome to 1979 is a one of a kind gem. They offer a pure and organic approach to recording that seems to have been forgotten by today's standards. Getting the absolute best out of the musicians and the best sound quality are the main goals. Everything Ive heard come out of this place sounds beautiful. I have had several lacquers cut by Cameron at this facility. They pay extremely close attention to detail and really care about the artists needs. Also, they are really great people and easy to work with."
- Reed Recording Co
"Spent three days recording our new album to tape. Experience was wonderful. Very professional but laid back atmosphere, and great coffee. We're incredibly happy with the results and would absolutely go back. If you want to track to tape, this is the place hands down!"
- Arc & Stones

"This studio is everything and more than I hoped. Dope aesthetic and mad swag, plus the coolest gear around. Everyone at the studio is laid back but productive and getting shit done. Chris is an amazing engineer and brings an artist's vision to life. I hope to record many more projects here and highly recommend this spot to anyone that wants some of the new and the best of the old school. "

- John Watson, artist

"I cannot recommend Welcome to 1979 enough. We just finished recording an album, and the experience was fantastic. Chris is absolutely wonderful to work with, and I’d love the chance to do it again sometime! Mackenzie worked tirelessly with us as well! This is a great studio with great people and great gear. Check them out."

- Robert P. Bertke, Wilder Stallions

"Recorded an LP here in December and Chris' quality is second to none. Definitely a killer and must try experience for any 70's loving musician."

- Dylan Becker

"Tracked there with Sister Antics yesterday. Studio is beyond comfortable and inspiring and Kate worked magic on that tape. Very impressive and would definitely record here again."

- AnneMarie Kelborn, Sister Antics

"I went to 1979 for the recording summit. I was overwhelmed by their welcoming spirit and an Uber professional attitude. It's an amazing facility with great gear but more importantly, an incredible amount of heart at the center of it. I couldn't imagine wanting anymore from a studio."

- Eric Watkins

"Best recording experience I've ever had, hands down. Chris and the gang are as good as they come, and provide an atmosphere unlike any other and top-notch gear at a very modest price. Can't wait to come back!"

- Scott Boyer

"Best sound, best gear and best people working there. Comfort and making us happy was their number one priority at all times. Top notch and all class."

- Mike Meacham, LOSS

"Just listened to all the rough mixes from our session last week....I could not be happier. As of right now I plan on recording everything I write at Welcome to 1979. Big thanks to the interns for contributing to the experience. And Chris Mara is the man."

- Rob Aldridge

"It's like stepping back in time. Nostalgic atmosphere at a time I wish I lived experienced as an adult. Amazing facility and top quality recordings."

- Mike Borgia

"This place has a unique vibe, knowledgeable and friendly staff and offers services that aren't available anywhere else in Nashville to my knowledge, like vinyl mastering and plating, and MCI equipment repair. The tracking rooms have a unique sound too and they have enough rooms to record a full band live with plenty of separation if needed."

- Brian Cofer


Want to set up a tour or talk to someone about your project? Get in touch with us at booking@welcometo1979.com or call 844-679-1979 ext 104.