12 Hr Day:

● $950 with engineer

● $700 without engineer

All rates include an assistant engineer and as much tape as you want to use! We also provide a setup prior to your session to allow you to maximize your studio time.

Ask us about Per Song Production Rates
and Package Deals!


● $135 with engineer

● $100 without engineer

Includes assistant engineer

Ready to press Record?

Single Song:

● $125/song

● Ready for Streaming

Multiple Songs:

● $85/song

● Ready for Streaming

Add Ons ($25/Song Per Item):

● Record your mixes to tape

● Alt Mixes Mastered (Radio, Instrumental, Clean Versions, Etc)

Files You'll Need:

● Digital Distribution and Streaming Master: $75

● CD Master (DDP): $75

Vinyl Services

Reference Lacquers

● 12” = $150/side

Master Lacquers

● 12” = $200/side

● 7” = $125/side

Vinyl Ready Files

● 12” = $100/side

● 7”/10" = $50/side

We Offer Major Label Mastering at Independent Artist Pricing. Click Below to View our Project Estimator Form!

Record Your Mixes To Tape:

● Single: $40

● Multiple Songs: $25/song

Multitrack Tape Transfer:

● $50/song

●$75/hr will be added for
problematic tapes

Includes Tape Baking

Stereo Tape Transfer:

● $25/song (Analog Reel To Reel)

● $10/song (DATs & Cassettes)

●$75/hr will be added for
problematic tapes

Includes Tape Baking

Email Us About Project Pricing!

Give us a call!

Give us a call at 844.679.1979 to talk to us about booking. Or shoot us an email at booking@welcometo1979.com!


Welcome to 1979 is located in the heart of The Nations in West Nashville. With easy access to several interstates, we are about 15 minutes from anywhere in the city!

The Nations is one of Nashville's fastest-growing neighborhoods. There are a number of great coffee shops, food trucks, breweries, and restaurants within walking distance from the studio!



Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns! We're here to help.